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Animation Project

During the annual Partner-Forum in Eco-Social Design during the second semester, our group chose to work with House of Solidarity because of the refreshing and intersectional concept, which Alexander described with intriguing and performative elements.

Even though we got to work with House of Solidarity in a particular phase when the Corona Pandemic emerged, Alexander was a great contact person and fed us all the information we needed and was always curious and open to ideas regarding the project, while adapting to the new online tools. We used the time with Alexander trough informative discussions and creativity sessions to come as close to the spirit of House of Solidarity as possible and create accordingly fitting artefacts.
We are sure House of Solidarity holds many more challenging ideas and projects for future collaborations with its imaginative and visionary spirit.

“Alex and his team have a beautiful and open approach to actively doing eco-social work on a day-to-day basis, always creating, implementing and improving new ideas.

It was a privilege to learn from a partner with such a commitment to learning and supporting often unheard voices of South Tyrol.

You will learn tons from this partner with extensive experience in creating new solutions for complex social issues, always making solutions adapt to the changing community of inhabitants and their unique concerns.

HdS is care / love in action. “


Iska, Barbara and Hana, December 2020

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